March 28, 2023

The 2023 Commissioning Training & Exchange Meeting of AICHELIN China was Successfully held in Tangshan

On March 9, 2023, the 2023 commissioning training & exchange meeting with the theme of "WELCOME HOME" kicked off at AICHELIN Tangshan Company. The meeting lasted for 2 days, led by the Commissioning Dept., Mechanical Engineering Dept., and Electrical Engineering Dept., nearly 50 people attended, including more than 30 commissioning engineers returning from the first-line customer site, and representatives of Sales Center, Project Management Dept., After-Sales Operation and other relevant Dept. attended the meeting.

The annual commissioning training & exchange meeting has been held for many years, aiming to train all commissioning engineers on safety and professional knowledge, as well as summarize and share experience on related technical problems in commissioning projects.


Mr. Ren Weifeng, CEO of AICHELIN China, opened the meeting with "WELCOME HOME". He first said to all the commissioning staff who are fighting on the front line of customers: "The family welcomes everyone home!" The three-year pandemic has prolonged our time together, but it has not hindered our concern for each other. In the face of the complex and changeable epidemic situation and arduous commissioning tasks, you all have persevered in the "epidemic", sacrificed your small family to take care of our big family, with the courage to take responsibility and shouldered responsibilities, and never give up. A word to you: thank you for your hard work! While the three-year epidemic has brought severe challenges to all walks of life, it has also provided us with an opportunity to comprehensively review the development of the industry. We must have the courage and confidence to face the future, have the spirit of fighting the epidemic in the face of difficulties, uphold our original intention, strengthen our faith, and continue growing steadily long into the future.

2. Learning and Thinking from the Case

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Cao Jianfeng, Director of Commissioning Dept., and Mr. Li Zhenggang, Deputy President of AICHELIN China started the report from the project acceptance in 2022, task objectives and efficiency in 2023, cost control, etc. The meeting mainly focusing on the following three aspects:

1) Training

If you want to remember the knowledge well, you’d better to continue to learn, refine and summarize and apply it in practical work. This special training involves case analysis of safety accidents, commissioning, control and commissioning of nitriding furnaces, etc., through classroom lecturing, exchange with attendees and on-site observation, this kind of training methods can help to make the knowledge more professional, firm and systematic.

2) Commissioning Cases

Each technological innovation and upgrade come from various emergencies encountered in the implementation of each project and countermeasures; It comes from discovering problems and continuously improving and promoting them in the summary; It comes from the diverse demands of customers. This is an immeasurable treasure, and many times it is always need us to excavate them in each living commissioning case.

Eight technical backbones from the commissioning Dept., Mr. Zhang Jinxiang, Director of Electrical Engineering Dept., Mr. Gao Ruixin, Director of Technology & Commissioning and Mr. Zhang Weidong, Director from Sales Center, shared and exchanged technical reports with the participants.

  • For common technical problems that occur during the commissioning of specific furnace types such as multi-purpose furnaces, pusher type furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, pit furnaces, ring furnaces, etc., were reported, analyzed, summarized, and proposed the improvement suggestions.
  • There are also open issues presented in the meeting: from the explanation of the problem to the improvement suggestions, from the designation of the person in charge to the completion of the planned timeline. This will be subject to the centralized management from the early time of design, involving manufacturing, quality inspection, commissioning, etc., to make sure the implementation.

3) Learn From the Role Models

The meeting also set up the award to outstanding performance employees and excellent performance project teams in commissioning work, calling on everyone to learn from them.

The meeting lasted for 2 days with full agenda arrangement. Feedback from participants were very positive and we really hope that this harvest can be continuously inherited and precipitated in the work of every AICHELIN’er to better applied to the AICHELIN craftsmanship brand.

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