July 23, 2015

The 11th National Conference of Heat Treatment Held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

AICHELIN China participated the 11th National Conference of Heat Treatment Held in Taiyuan on July 17-20, 2015. Experts and scholars from USA, Britain, Austria, Germany and Japan as well as more than 600 scientists and technicians are present in the conference. ‘Material- Component- Heat Treatment – Innovation and Transcendence ’is the theme aiming to summarize and exchange the new progress of heat treatment of materials research since 2011, to clarify the development roadmap of Chinese heat treatment technology, to guide the development of heat treatment technology and heat treatment industry.

Mr. Sun Yefan was awarded the title of Advanced Worker of Heat Treatment Society; AICHELIN Heat Treatment Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of ‘Excellent Member 2011-2015 Year’ of Heat Treatment Society; Chamber Tempering – Hardening Furnace Plants’ of AICHELIN was awarded the title of ‘Innovation Award 2015’ of Heat Treatment Society.

The four - year national heat treatment Conference is one of the largest and most important industry events in the field of heat treatment in China. Since 2011, the heat treatment industry in China has made remarkable progress and great development, formulated the "China heat treatment and surface modification technology roadmap", and was officially released on February 2014. It focus on 12 key technologies and personnel training, taking ‘precise, clean, efficient, economic and industry’ as the goal to pointed out the development direction of heat treatment and surface improvement technology in China, to make the great contributions to the development of China’s economy.
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