November 9, 2018

Step Foot in Beautiful Jizhou, We Forge Ahead Tenaciously - AICHELIN China Outdoor Event in Golden Autumn 2018

Jizhou (Tianjin) is famous for its beauty spot of maple leaves in golden autumn. With such dazzling color, AICHELIN China outdoor event was held here. Around 200 colleagues from Beijing, Tangshan as well as every sales region participated this largest-ever outdoor activity in the history on Oct. 27th -28th, 2018. This event is carried out on the theme of “Loyalty, Win-Win, Excellence and Innovation”, aiming at enhancing team integration, strengthening team cohesion, creating a harmonious team atmosphere and deepening the sense of ownership to the company.

Ten teams were required to compete through a series of challenging and funny activities with the designing of their own team name/logo/slogan and song in order to inspirit a positive culture atmosphere and to build a team with mutual trust.

The large-size ‘K2 Challenge’ jigsaw puzzle was a highlight to challenge by teamwork. Under concerted effort, a blueprint of K2 goal challenge with 13 meters long and 9 meters wide was painted and puzzle pieces were made into a whole picture. Through everybody involved in this activity, we can better understand that as long as AICHELIN family is united and forge ahead diligently and tenaciously, we shall undoubtedly reach the K2 summit in 2020.

Limutai natural scenic spot (Jizhou, Tianjin) was the last stop of our outdoor event. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, we challenged the assigned tasks. So it was a test of intelligence and physical strength.

Everyone in the event revealed a side differed from the daily work. The employee who once was unknown became a team leader to lead the team sailing before the wind; the gentle and feminine angel grew into a tough and tenacious girl; those who work with the machine on daily basis became considerate to take care of every members of the team; the leader who have been rigorous were integrated into the staff and became the closest partners.

Two days were in flash, but good memories would linger on. Although we were physically exhausted, the team spirit we had gained would play a more profound role in the work of future. As Mr. Ren Weifeng, General Manager, said in his summary speech, “I believe that AICHELIN is the best and AICHELIN team is the best! In the days coming, hopefully we remain true to our original aspiration and overcome difficulties, trust each other, work together toward the goals. There is nothing that AICHELIN cannot overcome!”

After this outdoor event, we surely believe that our team will be cohesive; our communication with each other will be smoother; and our work results will be more remarkable. We shall continue to carry forward the theme of this event, “Loyalty, Win-Win, Excellence, Innovation”, and continue to sail the ocean on this 150-year ship!

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