July 10, 2019

Li Qiao, secretary general of Chinese Heat Treatment Society, with the delegation visited AICHELIN China

A leadership group of Chinese Heat Treatment Society represented by Ms. Li Qiao, Secretary General, visited AICHELIN China on June 21st, 2019. Mr. Sun Yefan, chairman of AICHELIN China; Mr. Ren Weifeng, General Manager of AICHELIN China; Sales department leaders as well as others made a warm reception to the visitors.

Mr. Sun reviewed the glorious development history of AICHELIN China together with the visitors. With more than 30 years of growing and development, AICHELIN China has innovated many new types of industrial furnace and technologies, which are due to the innovation and focus of AICHELIN People. Mr. Ren communicated with the visitors on the technical innovation, green energy and intelligent development of AICHELIN’s heat treatment equipment in resent yeas.

Ms. Li, Secretary General of Chinese Heat Treatment Society, concluded that AICHELIN China has trained a large number of technical talents to Chinese heat treatment industry and made also great contribution to this industry. She hoped that the understanding and deeper cooperation between the two sides could be enhanced and promoted in the future around through this visit.

A common consensus to strengthen the contact and cooperation between two sides was agreed by this visit: AICHELIN China will fully take advantage of its profound technology connotation and the dedicated spirit of craftsmen to promote the development of Chinese heat treatment equipment manufacturing, to guide the younger generation in China to better and objectively understanding the prospects of Chinese heat treatment industry development, to help them to build the stronger confidence in this area in the future.

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