August 6, 2021

Coating Spray Booth Self-Built by AICHELIN China

to achieve the annual goal of spraying more than 100 self-produced heat treatment equipment (with strong guarantees to Customers in terms of delivery, quality, and environmental protection)

The high-standard coating spray booth invested and built by AICHELIN China, which was approved by the Administrative Bureau of Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, now has officially put into use since July 2021.

Project Introduction

The coating spray booth is located on the west side of the existing north workshop of AICHELIN Heat Treatment Systems (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of AICHELIN Heat Treatment Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd.). The main construction includes spraying room, drying room, painting room, a set of organic exhaust gas treatment equipment, a temporary storage room for hazardous wastes, etc. with total area around 500 square meters.

Highlights of the project

As an important "industrial coating" of heat treatment equipment, painting can effectively protect products from gas or erosion from other chemical media and beautify their appearance. Cooperation with a third party is almost a consistent choice in the industry, but common problems such as delayed delivery, unstable quality, and substandard environmental protection has not been improved for long time.AICHELIN coating spraying booth now can achieve the annual goal of spraying more than 100 self-produced heat treatment equipment. The above problems will gradually be improved, and it also providesstrong guarantee for customers in this regard.

High-quality equipment configuration required by this project and it strictly implemented in accordance with national and local environmental protection standards. Under the current strict approval of environmental protection projects, only high-standard configuration can control the environmental impact to the minimum. Such a high standard has reached the leading position in the local heat treatment industry.

The new coating spray booth will cover the whole process of paint mixing, spraying, and drying. The organic exhaust gas treatment process of its auxiliary facilities adopts front end dry filtration — activated carbon adsorption—catalytic combustion technology, which is a relatively advanced technology in the field of organic exhaust gas treatment in China. It can effectively control the pollutants generated during the spraying process, which is in line with the current national related Policies and local environmental protection requirements.

Applicable Laws and Regulations for this Project

The National Environmental Protection Laws

  • 《中华人民共和国环境保护法》(2015年1月1日实施);
  • 《中华人民共和国清洁生产促进法》(2012年7月1日);
  • 《中华人民共和国大气污染防治法》(2018年10月26日修订);
  • 《中华人民共和国环境影响评价法》(2018年12月29日修订);
  • 《中华人民共和国土壤污染防治法》(2019年1月1日实施);
  • 中华人民共和国固体废物污染环境防治法》(2020年9月1日实施);

Environmental Protection Regulations and Local Rules

  • 《国务院关于加强环境保护重点工作的意见》(国发(2011)35号文)
  • 《大气污染防治行动计划》(国发[2013]37号);
  • 《水污染防治行动计划》(国发[2015]17号);
  • 《土壤污染防治行动计划》(国发[2016]31号);
  • 《国民经济和社会发展第十三个五年规划纲要》(2016年3月17日);
  • 河北省省委省政府《关于强力推进大气污染综合治理的意见》(2017年4月);
  • 唐山市人民政府《关于强力推进大气污染综合治理的意见》(2017年5月4日);
  • 《建设项目环境保护管理条例》(2017年7月16日);
  • 唐山市人民政府办公室关于印发《2019年“十项重点工作”工作方案》的通知(唐办发【2019】3号);
  • 关于印发《重点行业挥发性有机物综合治理方案》的通知(环大气[2019]53号);
  • 关于印发《2020挥发性有机物治理攻坚方案》的通知(环大气[2020]33号);
  • 《2020 年挥发性有机物治理攻坚方案》(环大气[2020]33号);
  • 《建设项目环境影响评价分类管理名录》(2021年版)(2021年1月1日实施);
  • 《国家危险废物名录(2021年版)》(部令第15号)(2021年1月1日起施行);

Environmental Impact Assessment Specifications

  • 《环境影响评价技术导则 声环境》(HJ 2.4-2009);
  • 《建设项目环境影响评价技术导则 总纲》(HJ 2.1-2016);
  • 《环境影响评价技术导则 地下水环境》(HJ610-2016);
  • 《建设项目危险废物环境影响评价指南》(公告2017年第43号);
  • 《排污单位自行监测技术指南 总则》(HJ 819-2017);
  • 《环境影响评价技术导则 大气环境》(HJ 2.2-2018);
  • 《环境影响评价技术导则 地表水环境》(HJ2.3-2018);
  • 《建设项目环境风险评价技术导则》(HJ169-2018);
  • 《环境影响评价技术导则 土壤环境(试行)》(HJ964-2018);
  • 《环境影响评价技术导则 生态影响》(HJ 19-2011);

From the project application and operation, AICHELIN China strictly abides by the relevant national and local environmental protection laws and regulations. While ensuring the orderly and efficient development of businesses, it also shows AICHELIN’S action on environmental protection and its social responsibility.

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