July 27, 2022


The June of 2022 is the national 21st ‘SAFETY PRODUCTIN MONTH’. AICHELIN Tangshan Production Base take the target of ‘ fulfill the responsibility of safety production in personnel position, and being the first responsible person’ to thoroughly study and carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on safety production, to implement the "fifteen hard measures" of safety production work and to achieving the dual-goal of ‘completing production tasks with quality and quantity in the second half of the year while achieving zero accidents in safe production. Safety production activities should be driven by effectiveness.

The complex political and economic situation as well as unexpected factors arising at home and abroad in the first half of 2022 has big impacted on the domestic economy recovery. With the downward pressure on the economy development, the nation and local government united to work out the economic stabilization policies in package and execute in detailed, which has shown a gradual positive development trend, especially in the second quarter to achieve growth. All this is hard to come by in such challenge environment. 

Although the challengeable economic environment, AICHELIN China sets a new high sales record once again until now, especially in the fields of wind power, new energy vehicles and commercial heat treatment shops.

To cope with the upcoming production peak, fully take advantage of AICHELIN’s global resource integration and leading position in heat treatment, AICHELIN China adopts a series of actions to ensure production safety and enhance the development in high quality.

Safety Knowledge Quiz

AICHELIN China Tangshan Production Base actively responded to the call of the Tangshan City Safety Committee and organized all staff to participate in the "How much do you know about the new safety law" online quiz activity during the nation’s 21st ‘SAFETY PRODUCITON MONTH’ in June 2022. After a month of fierce competition, certificates and prizes were finally awarded to the top ten employees who passed the quiz.

The involvement of employees effectively improves their safety awareness and knowledge, even stimulate their enthusiasm to fulfill safety responsibility in daily work.

Emergency Rescue Training

What should we do to popularize the emergency rescue knowledge and improve the self-rescue capabilities of employees? How to identify the dangers on site? How to take necessary emergency measures? How to minimize and prevent casualties and property losses caused by sudden accidents? How to ……? With so many questions, AICHELIN China Tangshan Production Base invited relevant industry experts from Tangshan Emergency Management Bureau to carry out a special training on emergency rescue on July 5, 2022. This arrangement is strictly following the work arrangement of Tangshan Emergency Management Bureau and Tangshan High-tech Zone Emergency Management Bureau.

The main content of this training is the rescue methods and methods of common injury accidents. At the same time, combined with the AICHELIN's production characteristics, it focuses on the rescue knowledge of mechanical injuries, electrical injuries, burns and other accidents. The knowledge presented here is widely applied in work and life.

The team leaders of manufacturing department and representatives from other departments participated this training. Mr. Zheng Peng, the General Manager of the Tangshan factory, attended and instructed the whole training. Through the study, the emergency rescue and rescue capabilities of employees have been improved and can play a more active and effective role in daily work.

National Security Laws and Policies Study

A total of 12 display boards are presenting in AICHELIN China Tangshan Production workshop with the contents related on "Safety Production Law" (2021 version) and the "Fifteen Hard Measures" for safe production since July 11, 2022. More than 65 employees have read the information carefully, which is a very way to let employees know the law, understand the law and abide by the law.

Safety Drills for High-Risk Work

As a productive enterprise, the safety of high-risk work is very important. AICHELIN China Tangshan Production Base carries out a several drills on how to operation the high-risk work in a safe way on July 14 and 18, 2022.

This was organized by the company's security department, and a total of 120 people from manufacturing department, warehousing department, quality management center, customer service department, and administrative office, etc. participated. Mr. Zheng Peng, General Manager of Tangshan factory, and Mr. Xun Jianwen, the Deputy General Manager of Tangshan factory, participated and instructed the whole work.

The training content is based on the company's production equipment, technology, environment, and other factors, combined with past safety experience and lessons, and conducts on-site safety activities for operations with high safety risks during production operations, including hoisting operations, forklift operations, hand-held power tool operations, welding operations, etc. so that the employees participating in the training can more intuitively understand and recognize the safety risks and safety operation requirements in the above operation activities. The risk awareness of employees and the ability to provide risk prediction, hidden danger investigation and elimination have significantly promoted the operation.

Mr. Zheng Peng, the General Manager of Tangshan factory, mentioned in the summary of these series of activities: "All employees should play the spirit of ownership, actively participate in various safety production education and training activities, implement each safety production responsibilities, and strive to complete the production tasks in the second half of the year in good quality, while achieve the goal of zero accidents in safe production.

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