October 25, 2023


Autumn is a harvest season.

With fruits hang on the branches.

And the sweat of hard work become a sweet taste at this moment.

Autumn is also the season of hope.

With beautiful dreams, we run and chase under the golden autumn sun. 

Follow us with this amusing autumn journey. 

Team Building – Chinese Dragon

Early in the morning of September 23, 2023, nearly 270 people from the Tangshan production base of AICHELIN and the Beijing office were ready to gather in the base camp of this event - Beijing Miyun

As soon as getting off the bus, we were surrounded by fresh air and green scenery, and fully felt the relaxation and comfort brought by nature. The family photo of AICHELIN can’t wait to be taken to freeze this beautiful moment.

All employees quickly set up in groups to welcome and listen to the ardent expectations and sincere instructions from Mr. Sun Yefan, the Chairman of AICHELIN China and Mr. Ren Weifeng, the CEO of AICHELIN China. The two-day autumn outdoor event kicked off.

One of the most challengeable team building activities is called “hand-made Dragon”, which means each team needs to work together under the limited available resources to make the most beautiful dragon in their heart by hands. 

The excellent performance of the task requires the team to clarify the task goal, understand it, and reach a consensus through communication, so the team cooperation and mutual support is particularly important.

With the skillful craftsmanship of our hands, total twelve energetic and colorful Chinese dragons are ready to “fly”. With the rousing rhythm of the drums, Mr. Ren Weifeng, CEO of AICHELIN China, brings the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes. The Chinese idiom “Hua Long Dian Jing “is the ritual sense of traditional Chinese culture, which symbolizes here the vigor and vitality of AICHELIN and big harvest of AICHELIN in 2023.

AICHELINers manually held up the long dragon and danced around the field, forming a spectacular scene in which the head and tail of the dragon echoed each other. This is the most beautiful dragon in the heart of AICHELINers, and it is the dragon in the heart of AICHELINers who are going fly forward. 

Team Building – AICHELIN LOGO

Jigsaw puzzles should be familiar to anyone. However, it is not easy for a team of more than two hundred people to physically build a company's logo. Team spirit, big-picture concept, efficient communication, and team unity, when all these key blocks need to be applied in specific operations, that would be sound very challengeable. AICHELIN people made it!

The eight dancing dragons and the AICHELIN Logo formed a spectacular vivid and shocking picture, which made everyone feel proud of being an AICHELIN person. Heat treatment is our passion.

Team Building: GuBeiShuiZhen Adventure

Miyun, located in the northeast of Beijing, is an important drinking water source base and ecological conservation area in the capital. Here, GuBeiShuiZhen, is one of the few tourist attractions in the north that has a unique pattern of mountains and water. It is our last stop of team building.

All personnel were divided into twelve teams to complete six major tasks, including visit dyeing workshops, homemade lanterns, microfilm shooting, and food tasting, etc. which brought the event to a funny, pleasant, yummy and enjoyable end.

The two days of event enhanced communication and unity with each other, and inspired passion and motivation for teamwork and creativity. Also let us feel: each team member is very important and indispensable, but at the same time individual strength is limited. Only with one goal, a team can transcend together; only hand in hand, a team can create brilliance!

May the wonderful experience of this event be felt by every AICHELIN person, and each beautiful moment be worth remembering.

May this consensus and strength be transformed into the actions of every AICHELIN person to provide more and better-quality products for our customers.

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