February 26, 2017

AICHELIN China donates computers to School for Migrant Workers' Children in Beijing

On February 8, 2017, Mr. DU Shengyong, CEO of AICHELIN China presented 55 computers to Yanjing Little Swan School of Public Welfare. The world top heat treatment system provider Aichelin intends to provide the children thus a better access to online learning. According to Mr. Yan Zhaoshi, the primary school principal since 2010, parents of his pupils are mostly migrant workers without social insurance required for their children’s admission by the public schools. Without Mr. Yan’s school or the like, these children would have two options, to be dropout children in Beijing, or to be left-behind children in their hometown. Either would evoke social risks like juvenile delinquency. To fulfill its corporate social responsibilities for philanthropy, AICHELIN China has been donating desks, chairs and cabinets etc. since July 2015 to help the little swans soar into the sky.
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