June 19, 2024

AICHELIN China 2024 Commissioning Training and Communication Conference was successfully held in Tangshan

The Commissioning Training and Communication Conference organized by Commissioning Department is an important part of the production quality management of AICHELIN China, which has been held continuously for many years, aiming at training all commissioning engineers in safety and professional knowledge, summarizing and sharing the experience and exchanging the relevant technical and equipment problems in the commissioning project, so that the commissioning experience can be turned into the commissioning procedure, and the on-site improvement can be formed to the design document.

Through case sharing and experience extraction, we allow valuable experience spreads effectively within the organization, and to be continuously promoted and implemented.

At the end of May 2024, Commissioning Training and Communication Conference took place in Tangshan as scheduled.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Continuously learning and improving in practice, experience sharing, skills upgrading and bringing the existing brilliance to the new height”. A total of more than 50 participants attended this two-day conference, of whom more than 30 were commissioning engineers from more than twenty customer sites across the country and the remaining from Manufacturing Dept., Mechanical Engineering Dept., Sales Center, Technical Sales Dept., After-Sales and Quality Management Center, etc.

1. Highly Valued by the Management

Mr. Ren Weifeng, CEO of AICHELIN China, firstly welcomed the commissioning engineers who had been away for a long time to attend the on-site meeting: Welcome to back home to look and walk around to feel the development and changes of the company; Mr. Ren also expressed his great expectations to other attendees that they would actively listen to the feedback and suggestions from the commissioning site.

Mr. Ren pointed out that, although the changing market environment and the relevant industry capacity are facing certain pressure, the orders backlog reached well; project execution to achieve sales revenue task is still very full, and commissioning and acceptance of the target is also improving year by year. We all still should continue to improve and innovate to maintain our leadership in market and technologies.

Mr. Li Zhenggang, Deputy General Manager of AICHELIN China, introduced the project execution situation in 2023 and the new projects for commissioning and acceptance in 2024. We are ready to reach the new record in 2024.

2. Experience Sharing

Mr. Cao Jianfeng, the Commissioning Dept. Director, launched the presentation on principle of gas production, structural characteristics, commissioning points and problems of imported generators. Another 10 backbone commissioning engineers respectively sharing the typical problems and analysis during the commissioning work on the pusher type furnace, pit-type furnace, roller hearth furnace, rotary hearth furnace with press quenching, etc. Experts and leaders from the Manufacturing Dept., Quality Management Center and Mechanical Engineering Dept. involved in the discussion on the measures and programs which have been formed to continue to improve and standardize. 

From Theoretical analysis to practical application, all kinds of problems and situations in the commissioning process of the project are well introduced and analyzed; commissioning experience and skills are well refined, shared and promoted.

3. Training

On the one hand, we constantly summarize and extract experience for problems on commissioning site, and on the other hand, we improve our professional standard through training so that we can continue to achieve business excellence.

The training of Mr. Gao Ruixin, the Director of AICHELIN China, presented in detail the principle of PID and the key points of PID parameter adjustment; Process commissioning experts shared the causes and solutions of oxidation in the workpiece during the carburizing process, as well as the analysis of process problems and commissioning data in the pit-type furnace

4. Safety in Commissioning

Safety is not a trivial matter, and there are traces of accidents. The commissioning engineers shared the "scary safety incidents” they had encountered during the commissioning of the project over the past year to reduce safety risks, to realize the importance of safety prevention and implementation. According to Heinrich's 1:29:300 safety rule, only by controlling safety risks to the lowest possible level can we ensure that there will be no safety accidents.

5. Role Model

At the end of the meeting, an awards ceremony was scheduled. Colleagues who won the Outstanding Commissioning Team Award, the Outstanding Project Award, the Advanced Commissioning Individual Award, and the Outstanding Speech and Paper Award went up to the stage to receive their awards and took a group photo amidst the warm applause of everyone.

We would like to say THANK YOU to those who still working in the commissioning site that your dedication is an important guarantee for the success of the task at the end of the year.

All attendees feel that there is more to be done in this two-day conference. We hope that this seed of knowledge and experience will sprout, take root, blossom and bear fruit in the work of every AICHELINER.

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