October 12, 2022

A Small Act of Kindness Helps Children Open a Window to The World

Rooted in China and Giving Back to Society

The 2022 Grant-In-Aid to Poor Students Project Continued

The 6th Charity Donation Campaign of AICHELIN China Ended Successfully

AICHELIN China’s Donation Campaigns to Henan Village Primary School Bears ‘Fruits’

A van carrying 83 desktop computer hosts and laptops slowly drove into Yanjing Little Swan Public Welfare School located on Beiqing Road in Changping District, Beijing on July 27, 2022. This is the 6th charity donation campaign of AICHELIN China. AICHELIN China began to embark on the road of public welfare since 2015 and there have been already 7 years going on this road with the original aspiration of public welfare. There are 197 desktop computers, 83 laptops, 40 printers, 4 TV sets and 4 projectors, as well as other teaching aids and books in total have donated till now. All these stuffs have been used or will be used in the education and teaching of the school and the school being supported.

The donation campaign coincided with the students' summer vacation, but there were still some children from nearby schools came to help. Mr. Ren Weifeng, CEO of AICHELIN China, and Mr. Wang Xijun, representative of Yanjing Little Swan Public Welfare School (Principal Yan Zhaoshi was stationed in Henan village primary school on business trip and could not present the handover site due to his busy schedule) completed the handover of the donations and they both had an in-depth communication about the recent situation of the school.

In 2021, AICHLEIN China has taken its public welfare program to a higher level that partnered with the Beijing Together-with-Kids Educational Aid Promotion Center to set up the ‘Special Needs Student Grants Program’, which aims to set up a Grant-In-Aid to needy Student who comes from village primary school with their parents’ migrants’ workers in the city to sponsor 3-4 poor students to successfully complete their elementary education. In just one year, we are very happy to see that these donations and grants are giving these poor village elementary school and students the help they need and are bearing fruit. And we are also very honored to continue the ‘Special Needs Student Grants Program’ for 2022.

The Fruits of ‘Special Needs Student Sponsorship Program’ in 2021

This project started since Jan. 2021. And after one whole school year of implementation, there are 6 needy students got this grant in Qunxing Primary School in Xin Cai County, Zhumadian, Henan Province. These children are aged between 6-10 years old, ranging from 1st to 5th grade, with excellent academic performance; their family members are usually 4-6 with either disabled, sick, or single parents. Although they are local poor households with government care, but still lack of financial support. This project assistant the students in terms of accommodation, meals, and school buses to try best to let them complete the primary education successfully.

AICHELIN’s IT Stuffs Used in Village Primary School Programing Courses

In the past two years, Beijing Together-with-Kids Educational Aid Promotion Center has been providing support to areas with a relative lack of educational resources by supporting teachers and has offered regular programming classes for students in 9 local schools in Henan Province, with a total of 600 students. Some of the computers for the programming course were donated by AICHELIN China. The laptops donated by AICHELIN came in handy to avoid power outages in the village where the students were taking the computer programming competition exams. Through the efforts of the teachers and students, the children achieved very good performance in the programming classes.

In the NOC "NOVELTY ORIGINALITY CREATIVITY" competition, a total of three people won awards. Two of them won the first prize and be in the national final; one won the second prize. (See the following certificates)

In the NCT "NATIONAL CODING TEST FOR ADOLESCENTS" competition, 7 passed the Level 1 exam in 2021; 13 passed the Level 1 exam and 7 passed the Level 2 exam in 2022. AICHELIN China's computers convinced the children with a platform to show their talents. (See the following certificates)

The large screen monitors, computers and others donated by AICHELIN China are widely used for remote learning by Qunxing Primary School and Cao Zhuang Primary School in Xin Cai County, Zhumadian, Henan Province, where remote learning lectures are conducted with relevant institutions in Beijing every semester, which are well liked by the children and have received good teaching results.

The printers and copy machines have been a good helper for teachers. In rural elementary school in Henan, the teaching equipment is extremely rudimentary, there are many left-behind children in constituting poor families. Children encounter many difficulties in going to school, and there is more lack of books, even no books, so the teachers use the available resources and equipment to continuously improve the teaching environment and strive to improve teaching effectiveness.

Although there are thorns on the road of this public welfare campaign, but the sunshine is much more than the thorns.We are going towards the sun. Public welfare campaign - we are always on the road!

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