February 22, 2019

2018 AICHELIN China Annual Party

Waving goodbye to 2017, we entered 2018 with our full hope. AICEHLIN China Annual Party was held on Feb. 9th, 2018 in Shangri-La Hotel, Tangshan. More than 300 colleagues from Beijing, Tangshan as well as every sales region got together to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.

Our CEO, Mr. Du Shengyong made conclusion and review about current operation state, target achievable and historical data, and a prediction about further target and trend. In his New Year greetings Mr. Du extended his best wish to all Aichelin staff and their family and thanks for their hard-working.

ATT GM, Mr. Liu Jianxiong hosted the party and delivered opening speech and made a conclusion about our current business trend, product quality, service and brand.

Mrs. Zhang Min and Lian Xiaoyue shared their experience with “Berndorf Academy” and “Discover Aichelin” programs.

Some colleagues and their children presented dance, song and talk shows. The game section cheered everyone up, which made everyone enjoyed throughly.

Mr. Du gave first prize at the raffle. There are 38 colleagues got presents from it.        

The party ended, but the enjoyable time remains.

2018 is full of challenge and chance. We must leap into action and, with concerted efforts and targeted measures continuously strive for fresh victories. Let us hand in hand with full confidence go ahead towards higher and further target to achieve our brilliant future.

Wish all Aichelin colleagues a healthy, happy and lucky new year!

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