December 13, 2023

"PRODUCT QUALITY" IS A MUST - Aichelin China Quality Management Center carried out a Series of Quality Culture Activities

Product quality is the foundation of an enterprise's long-term survival. Aichelin regards it as the lifeline of its development, and has always attached importance to the establishment, implementation, and implementation of the quality management system.

Rationalization proposal activity

AICHELIN China has implemented the rationalization proposal activity since 2021 and a total of 1,607 suggestions have been received till now, and 944 proposals have been taken, with an implementation rate of 58.7%. This activity is to continuously improve the performance of quality management systems, process control capability and product quality, to enhance customers’ satisfaction, to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for independent improvement, to let each employee participate the activity and gradually become a behavioral habit and corporate culture.

Rationalization proposals come from production, process, quality, safety, cost, design, purchasing, warehousing, 5S, etc. it welcomes all AICHELINers’, whether you are from front-line or from the management, to see, to hear and to think about the quality event around them. After three years of implementation of this activity, the quality awareness from employees has been greatly improved, the incidence of quality problems has been gradually reduced, and the product quality has been greatly improved.

On November 24, 2023, AICHELIN Beijing Factory and Tangshan Production Base simultaneously carried out a summary of the rationalization proposal activities in the third quarter, and presented awards and shared their experiences with the winning representatives.

Quality Knowledge Contest

From August to October 2023, the Quality Management Center held three quality knowledge contests, with a total of 66 contestants participating, covering all departments with the contest theme of " Establishing quality awareness, having the spirit of innovation, and creating the brilliance of AICHELIN" and the slogan of " if you neglect the quality, what you are busy with just make no sense; if you do not improve the quality, that will make your work harder and harder. 

Quality Essay Competition

This year's national quality essay contest with the theme of "I and Quality" is mainly recorded through the understanding and perception of the relationship between quality and enterprise survival by the managers and producers, so as to improve the quality awareness and quality level of all employees and achieve total quality management.

A total of 59 articles were submitted, of which 21 awarded the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and the excellence ones.

The quality culture activities in series have been highly valued by the management, and Mr. Ren Weifeng, CEO of AICHELIN China, made a concluding as below:

  • Everyone shall be responsible for improving product quality.

The more people participating, the more powerful force and core competitiveness to the company. The strongness of the company is closely linked to the development of individuals. The improvement of product quality is a sense of responsibility for work, whether they are small things or big ones, we all should constantly challenge and make breakthroughs from them.


  • On this critical stage of transformation, AICHELIN should base on its advantages, and seek the breakthrough in traditional technology to achieve sustainable leadership.

Identify product quality and technical requirements and standards to seek effective ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Identify the costs and continuously improve product quality performance;

In the face of market and industry pressure, AICHELIN should continue to seek breakthroughs in traditional technology, so as to ensure the continuous leadership of technology in the heat treatment industry.


  • Positive promotion, achievement sharing, and company cultural implementation.

WHERE PEOPLE MATTER has always been the foothold of AICHELIN’s culture value. These series of activities gradually integrates the quality consciousness into the blood of every Aichelin person and guide their behaviors. A sense of belongings and pride are gradually forming and let more young people feel confidence and trust in AICHELIN.

In the participation in these series of quality culture activities, we generally realized that: With the continuous change of the market environment, the fierce competition and the speed of technological innovation are far beyond our imagination. Whether we can correctly understand the complex market situation and seize the opportunity to face difficulties will directly affect the fate of the company. Therefore, it is particularly important to brainstorm and give full play to the wisdom of employees. Aichelin China will continue to work hard to carry out this work better and more quickly in product quality.

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